Cake Decorating and Baking Information
Starting Your Own Bakery

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General Cake Decorating Tips

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Tips on How to Scale Up Your Cake Recipes

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Do It Yourself Cake Decorations – Cake Flowers

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Decorating With Fondant

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Cake Occasions – All the Info you need for cake creating

Cake Occasions is a website dedicated to information abotu cake creation and bakign tips.

Advice and information all about how to best set-up your kitchen to be able to bake lots of cakes and pastries.

We aim to help those who lie to bake to increase their skills when creating things baked goods for small groups or commercial sized kitchens.

If your into catering for large scale parties and need to know what equipment you need, then cake occasions is the website for you!

Cake Baking & Equipment for a commercial kitchen or Restaurant

Looking to start your own cake business or bakery and need commercial bakery and restaurant equipment? Try Silver Chef – Australias largest supplier of kitchen equipment and used hospitality equipment.